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Kamaleont has Business Units consisting of various products and services fundamentally designed to solve the problems of numerous individuals, companies and institutions when wanting to interact with the blockchain ecosystem.

Crypto Financial Management

At Kamaleont, we are committed to providing the best crypto financial investment experience. As experts in Capital Management, our goal is always to find the perfect personalized portfolio for our clients, which fits their investment needs and preferences, as well as their risk profile.

We have created a solution that allows all individuals, companies and institutions, even those without experience in the world of decentralized finance, to have income opportunities in this market. That's why at Kamaleont, we do everything necessary to keep our clients' capital diversified, secure and well invested, conducting a comprehensive management that includes economic, administrative, logistical and technical aspects.

The management of personalized crypto financial portfolios is a service focused on high net worth, the minimum ticket for this service is USD $50,000 and unlike traditional funds, our incentives align directly with those of our clients as in Kamaleont in addition to a competent annual Management Fee, we charge a Performance Fee payable on the date of settlement and end of the contract, that is, we do well if we make our client do well.

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    The world is changing and with it, most of the markets, but there are still many players who do not know how to adapt, who are unaware of technology or who simply reject what they do not know.

    At Kamaleont we are convinced that blockchain and its solutions will take an important role both economically, technologically, industrially, politically and socially. That is why, we are highly committed to linking the opportunities of this ecosystem with all those individuals, companies and institutions looking to invest or interact in a friendly, safe and personalized way.


    This service meets to guide our clients around their needs so they can interact through investment or development with Blockchain technology. Our goal in each consultation is to meet expectations and that afterwards our clients know how to navigate optimally in this ecosystem.

    Areas of expertise

    • Asset selection for investment
    • Use and management of investment tools
    • Secure custodians
    • Financial services
    • Blockchain projects and Tokenization
    • Legal and tax


    This is a highly personalized service that focuses on the complete theoretical development of the different projects and/or needs that each client may present. To achieve this, we study in depth the case presented and based on this, Kamaleont experts deliver the formal “deliverable document” of the consultancy, composed of optimal solutions under an economic, innovative, legal and technological framework.

    Areas of expertise
    • Tokenization: Assets, companies, operations, etc
    • Development: Projects, blockchain infrastructure, smart contracts, etc
    • Legal and tax: Blockchain legal and tax consultancy, traditional and
      Blockchain financial services, corporate structures, etc

    Explaining the “Deliverable Document”: “At the end of the advanced
    consulting service, clients receive a “deliverable document” detailing the
    consultation and the viable solution/s determined by the team of Kamaleont
    experts. The content of this document will depend on the specific needs of
    each project and/or cases presented by the clients but in general terms, it is
    composed in the following way:

    • Initial diagnosis
    • Project introduction
    • Specific project needs
    • Presentation, analysis and evaluation of solutions
    • Design of administrative, technological and legal architecture
    • Implementation plan
    • Maintenance plan
    • Road Map
    • Quotations
    • Among others

    Development & Others

    In today’s blockchain market there is a clear deficiency with respect to the lack of knowledge of possibilities and mistrust when it comes to hiring services, or purchasing products.

    At Kamaleont, we solve a real problem for the critical mass of individuals, companies, and institutions demanding blockchain products and services through the reliable and safe offer of smart contracts (fungible and non-fungible tokenization, bots, etc), listings, international transfers, web3 solutions, technological development, and others.

    As a company, we outsource the preparation of the different requirements of this business area with our private network of contacts, suppliers, and partners, so that the end customer receives a product or service of the highest quality in Blockchain without risk of scams.

    Discover with us the opportunities of the game changing blockchain technology

    Asked Questions

    An investment company specialized in blockchain technology.

    the KLT token represents the synthetic representation of the technological asset underlying our company’s shares. The KLT tokens represents the value of the company, and you can own a portion of it by buying the KLT on the market. With more tokens you buy, more percentage of the company you will own. The difference between a token and a cryptocurrency is that the crypto runs on its own blockchain, whereas KLT runs on the BEP-20 Smart Chain network.

    Investing in KLT means that you are buying a portion of the company, which thanks to the blockchain, you can benefit from Kamaleont’s operations by being a partial owner and being able to liquidate your investment whenever you want. Additionally, Kamaleont’s structure and model ensure alignment between the Kamaleont team and its investors, as they both receive benefits from the transactions occurring in the market, contributing to the company’s value. On the other hand, investing in a traditional fund does not involve buying a percentage of the invested company, and it may not necessarily be liquid. In this case, the investor benefits from the profitability of the fund’s assets, which are managed by the company’s analysts who charge fees for managing these funds, potentially creating misaligned incentives.

    Your money is directly invested in a company that specializes in cryptocurrency asset investments and blockchain projects. Essentially, you don’t need to know about cryptocurrencies and digital assets on the blockchain, but you invest in a company that does. In the end, you directly benefit from the profits generated by the company through its operations, and these profits are reflected directly in the price of the KLT token.

    No serious investment company will ever promise that you will make money by investing in it; such claims are likely to be a scam. We are no exception. Each investor is responsible for their own financial decisions. When choosing to interact with Kamaleont, you expect the company to generate the expected results from its operations and continue generating cash flows. We recommend researching the company before investing and reviewing its past performance to evaluate projections.

    There are several ways you can interact with the company. Through investing in the KLT token, scheduling a consultancy to guide our you in understanding their needs and facilitating their interaction with Blockchain technology through investment or development, and finally, through asset management where we create an investment portfolio tailored to your profile.

    Unlike the cryptocurrencies common market cycles, the Kamaleont token is non-cyclical. This means that if the company continues to generate income through its operations, those profits will be directly used for token buybacks in the market, creating upward pressure. Of course, market adoption and speculation directly influence the token’s capitalization, so short-term price movements can both decrease or increase.

    No, Kamaleont or anyone from the company will never ask you to provide your keys. It is the responsibility of each investor to securely store their keys, and the company does not take responsibility for their loss or theft.

    There are more secure ways than others, and creativity plays a relevant role. Basically, keep in mind that any cloud storage, such as a photo on your phone or a document stored in the cloud, is vulnerable to hacking and having a copy of your keys stored on a server whose location and accessibility are unknown. It depends on each investor where to store their keys, but keeping them written on paper, a USB drive, or hardware wallets are ways to safeguard your keys without any third party being able to access them in any way.

    Burning involves sending tokens to a digital wallet that only has an inbound flow, effectively locking the tokens stored in that wallet forever. This is accomplished through a validated smart contract on the blockchain, ensuring that this process is secure and irreversible.

    You don’t have direct access to Kamaleont’s portfolio investments, but you do have access to its returns. This means that as the portfolio managed by our own analysts generates profits, a percentage of those earnings goes directly towards the token buybacks and burning, increasing its value over time.

    Yes, as one of our services, Kamaleont offers customized portfolios based on each client’s risk profile and interests. This applies to both individual clients and companies seeking wealth management. The minimum investment amount is $50,000 USD.

    Tokenization is the process of converting an asset, such as real estate, artwork, stocks, or fiat currencies, into a digital token on a blockchain. These tokens represent ownership or rights to the underlying asset and can be securely and transparently transferred using blockchain technology.

    In theory, almost any type of asset can be tokenized. However, the feasibility and appropriateness of tokenizing a particular asset depend on various factors, such as the nature of the asset, legal and financial regulations, market liquidity, among others. It is important to note that tokenizing certain assets may require specific regulatory compliance and additional legal considerations.

    Yes, our company has been tokenized since its conception. In our case, the KLT token represents the synthetic representation of the technological asset underlying our company’s shares.

    We outsource the tokenization service to our technological partners for development. However, the company is responsible for recreating the tokenization model and its features according to the specific requests of each client.